Mrs. Peridot


Oh that Mrs. Peridot - she's the mistress of August, I'll have you know! She's flamboyant and bold - and she rarely does what she's told. She's a lover of color and everything saturated - step inside her world and mark my word you'll be fascinated. She's outwardly happy and pretty darn go-lucky - she's the type who needn't a good reason to sip a glass of bubbly. Mrs. Peridot is a gal that I'm rather near and dear to - we share many a sensibility that we're both proud to adhere to. Cheers to August and all things dazzling + bright - here's to commanding a sensational outlook that's teeming with delight!

Asprey Peridot Brooch + Earrings / Peridot / American Glass Candle Stick / Amanda Pearl, Samantha Roll Clutch / Manolo Blahnik Pumps / Oscar De La Renta, Silk Taffeta Gown

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