Kitchen Obsessions


There's no better feeling than being the mistress of your domain - by keeping your "kit" tight in order to rule and maintain. Whether you're a kitchen novice or considered an iron chef - there's no doubt you keep an arsenal that adds to your innate success. In my manse, I own the culinary arena - I'm basically a gourmet czarina! I'm known to be one of those pesky off-the-cuffer's - you know the type who cooks sans rules and kinda undercover?! That said, it's imperative that I nuture my specific kitchen obsessions - in order to continue to produce my culinary confections. The above smattering is just a handful of my all time faves - the items I reach for when I'm on a wild cooking escapade. I truly wouldn't know what to do if these weren't at my reach - I'd probably end up with a steaming pile of godforsaken BLEEEP!

Wall Mounted Bottle Operner

Measurin Owls

Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap

Fluer De Sel Candle

Butter Keep

Lemon Juicer

Herbs de Provence

Rösle Lighter

Citrus Zester

Mini Colander

Kitchen Accoutrements
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