Holy Flokati


I recently acquired an amazing flokati rug that's super fluffy and spacious - I've got it holding court in my (almost completed) Yachtical room and it's pretty freakin' vivacious! While I had another rug originally slated for this spot - the flokati presented itself and I thought "oh heck, why not?!" I really must say that it's existence in my life has been phenomenal - it's brought about a rather otherworldly fondness I didn't think was possible. I've always been a steadfast lover of white furnishings - but with this new layer of texture and warmth it's really got me re-examining things! What ever ends up transpiring, I'm certain it'll be utterly exuberant - why just posting about it colors me all kinds of jubilant!

All hail nuLOOM and their amazing Flokati Rug


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