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If you are reading this now, well... that means I've just spent my first night camping in Yosemite - an undertaking I really didn't think I was capable of... in all honesty. It's not that I dislike being out in mother nature - I'm just not a fan of roughing it in a hitched camping trailer. That said, I'm sure I'm having fun - peeing in the woods and openinly bathing in rivers in front of everyone. Hey, I've got my inner Jane hiding in me somewhere - she just prefers aero beds and robes made of fine cashmere! All guffawing aside, I'm ecstatic to be officially "off the grid" - and away from the digital mania that consistently rules my crib. Off in the wilderness with my sweet little family - amongst the lions, tigers + bears fulfilling Mr. Lilien's 36th birthday fantasy! Do me a favor and wish upon a glimmering star - that I survive these shenanigans and that come Sunday night, I'm back into my plush repertoire!

fabby camping!



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