Mrs Off Duty


Before you're quick to judge, let me just say - Mrs. Off Duty is no responsibility runaway! I'll have you know she straight earns her down time - she works her booty off for every penny and dime! So let's cut her a break when it's something she so clearly deserves - that gal ought to get something for the time that she serves! Draped in cashmere from head to toe - and tending her quiet leisures while an easy tune plays on stereo. She spends her day catching up on her necessary literature - all the while lounging on a barka, or something similar. Nary an hour passes that she is sans drink in hand - sipping something steamy and laced with a splash of something grand. She's bedazzled with understated diamonds which are always allowed - oh for Pete's sake, she's OFF DUTY for cryingoutloud! I really must hand it to her, sister is on to something - taking "Off Duty" to a new level looks undeniably becoming!

Warby Parker, Thatcher GlassesUnderstated Diamonds / Vanity Fair / Bared to You / NYT Scented Candle / Madeleine Thompson, Cashmere Slippers / Madeleine Thompson Cashmere Kaftan / Stumptown Coffee / Brooklyn Mug / Kahlua

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