Crystal Ball Consulting


Every now and then I like to participate in a fun little exercise - in which I take a moment to advantageously forecast and confidently visualize - the day-dreamy path I'd love to epitomize. I'm a firm believer in positively reinforced thinking - well, that and daily drinking... I've found that when you wholeheartedly trust your deepest desires - resplendent wonders befall and pure magic transpires. Palm reader, medium, crystal ball, or simply meditation - what ever your method, I urge you to stretch your dreamy imagination. Close your eyes and paint your ultimate picture - then mentally bolster it with all your chutzpah laden vim and vigor! While I can't promise you the world, I will say this - I hope you're prepared to realize a little self-induced bliss!

Go ahead, give it a try... I promise no one is looking! Just be sure to do it daily for optimum procuring!

Have a fabulous + deeply day-dreamy weekend!



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