Get OH-Ganized!


So my Hawaiian vacay has set me back on my 2013 OH-ganizing - but now that I'm home, I'm on the program and it's pretty exciting! Out with the old, tired, useless + ugly - an in with the smart, enterprising, functional + lovely! My own personal weaknesses are my spice cabinet, cupboards, closet + drawers - basically all the places that I tend to ignores. So I'm making haste and getting my act together - the mere thought of such task brings me endless pleasure! I'm gonna give myself a few weeks to set everything straight - and I'm sure when I'm done my naughty nooks will look better than GREAT!

Wish me luck!

Striped Bin / Wood Hangers / Tierd Wire Basket / Le Creuset Crock / Twine Depot / Wrapping Station

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