The High-Winter Uniform


With the holidays a thing of the past, and January winding down pretty fast - high-winter is upon us at long last. Gone are fall's jewel tones and that holiday festive flair - yet all black + grey seems amiss with spring looming in the air! Thus I've gone done demystify the high-winter uniform - I whipped up a groovy winter vestment that's both snazzy + warm. While still bone-chilly in most places - it's a knee-jerk reaction to pile on the black + make like ravens. Instead I challenge you to be a little ostentatious - be bold with your warm wear, be playful, be audacious! The fanfare you'll get from this vivacious move - will surely put an added skip into your wintry groove. So go on, don't be shy - toss on some explosive color, it's in short supply. Oh, and one last thing before I go... don't forget to put on a damn coat!!



Sabre Vision Sunnies / Ice Burst Earrings / Trish McEvoy Lipstick / Tunic Top / Alice + Olivia Pink Power Pants / Leopard hinge-bangle / CPS Loafers

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013