Meet the BFRD, it's pretty much next level - something a mai tai on steroids couldn't even revel. You may be curious as to the peculiar name - I hate to point out the obvious but let me explain. The RD stand for RUM DRINK - and the BF for BIG FU... oh let's leave it there... wink-wink! This legendary cocktail is one I partake in whilst in Hawaii - and since I've been back I've been enjoying them almost nightly! The BFRD hails from a favorite little place of mine on Oahu - it's called Buzz's a not to be missed Island venue. I've laid out my rendition above - it's a rather intoxicating elixir I know you're gonna love! One of these bad boys, and you want more - two of these bad boys and your floored. Three? I highly discourage it! Should you find yourself this weekend with a bit of extra time - and feel like dipping into a bit of summertime - then pour yourself a BFRD and don't forget the cherry or the lime!

Happy Weekending!



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