La Petite Miss Lilien


Meet la petite Miss Lilien - she's well, 2 in a million! She's pretty Mama Lilien inspired - a quality she posses that I rather adore and admire! At nearly 5 years old and all kinds of cute - she's an absolute dove and one heck of a hoot! Wardrobe wise, I'd say we're on in the same - all kinds of color with nary a stitch considered mundane. Sister can really put an ensemble together, and then some - hot stepping her way about the day, always dressed for fun! She's not afraid of a little Lilien flair - and more times than not she's rocking something fabby in her hair. A bit of a tomboy at heart, she can't say no to glitter - especially when it's covering the entirety of ballet slipper. Sweeter than sugar and with a heart of gold - I couldn't be happier to call her mine, this whopping half pint that's happy-go-lucky + bold!

Selima Optique, Girl's Sunglasses / Vintage Clip-ons / Lip Smacker / Oxford Tunic / Pink Polka NecklaceLeopard Leggings / Butter London Nail polish: Lovely Jubbly / Vintage Beaded Purse / Striped Flats

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