The Winter Kitchen


The seasonal kitchen + closet are much alike - when winter moves in, the summer cook/wear takes a hike. Winter is meant for nurturing the extra layer - for serving up steaming hot delights laden with rich savory flavor. We all have our go-to vessels that mother our slow-cooked masterpieces - and with the many meals we use them for, their importance only increases. I myself am a Dutch oven devotee - a not to be missed winter kitchen necessity, I guarantee! Among other items in my winter cooking repertoire - would be my butter warmer + braising superstar! While I do consider myself a goddess of summer - I must say I'm a bit of a BOSS when it comes to the winter supper!

So... let me ask you, if I may - what's your winter kitchen neccessit-ay? 

DO tell!

Ladel + Strainer / Ceramic Coffee Pot / Butter Warmer / Braiser / Soup Bowls / Enamel Mothering Pot

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