Bauble THIS, baby!!


A bauble here, a bauble there - face it, you can't help but stare! Like a captivating firework display - a bauble menagerie acts as an optical soiree! A kaleidoscope of color and shapes - an assemblage from various estates - is a sight merely impossible for any curious eye to escape! Treat yourself and your eyes to this dazzling sight - and may it intrigue, inspire + excite!



Lapis + Turquoise Clips / Ruby + Diamond Earrings / Emerald Tassels / Coral + Diamond Ear Clips / Peridot, Tsavorite + Diamond Earrings / Ruby + Diamond Brooch / Emerald Cabochon Diamond Earrings / Gold + Tuquoise Earrings / Citrine Heliotrope + Fancy Diamond Earrings / Peridot, Diamond + Amethyst Brooch / Tuquoise + Lapis Brooch

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