My Latest Laundry Obsessions (revealed!)


I've made no secret of my deep laundry obsession - in fact, I turn to it as a way to release stress + tension! That said, I'm always on the look out for the latest laundry aids - for it is because of these that I learn new + inventive tricks to this trade! While not new to the laundering community - these little laundry balls are pure design ingenuity! Just toss these little friends into each drying cycle - your drying time will be halved + your laundry fluffy + delightful! My next fabby discovery...? Nellie's All-Natural! With just one use you'll too be saying "HOLY MACKEREL!" With packaging that really couldn't be cuter - this stuff packs a serious punch, yet it's au naturale which is really super! WELL OF COURSE I'm gonna tout the mighty Electrolux machines - these are the rulers of the laundry universe, a thing of dreams!! One day I will make a set mine, oh yes, yes I will - and until that day I'll continue to worship + put them on a pedestal! Lastly + certainly not leastly, I recently spied this splendid little laundry station - an all-in-one sorter and folder that's just begging for my evaluation! How fabulous is this little laundry cart - a wheeled apparatus straight after my heart! 

So there you have it, my latest + greatest laundry obsessions - my go to goodies that elevate my methods!


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