Post St. Patty's Day Hangover Remedy


Ah yes, how we love to ring in the St. Patrick's Day festivities - but we could do without the pesky downside of those over-spiriting activities!! Not only that, but it's Monday for crying out loud - it's just not a good day for feeling pukey and plowed. Therefore I've done you all a huge favor - I've concocted a post St. Patty's Day hangover eraser!! The above infographic should be pretty easy to follow - hey, it's better than doing the porcelain bus staccato!! Each ingridient above serves a very important hangover reliving purpose - in fact, by not partaking in this recipe, you're really doing yourself a disservice! So, if you've found yourself this fine Monday hurtin' for certain - I urge you to give my remedy a try and relive yourself of the burden!

Good Morning + Good Luck!



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