Sleepy Time Spirit



I do so believe that it is my duty to glorify the mundane - to make marvelous the daily practices that can be tired or lame. Let's take for instance the Lounging Arts - why there's endless layers of pleasing bedtime matter to regard!! Forget the tattered tee, boxers + tube socks - for there are far greater things to don with supercilious nonchalance. I'm a die hard lover of the long sleep gown - it's pretty much the sexiest silhouette in snoozetown. My newest obsession however belongs to the bedroom jacket + classic house slipper - especially of the satin-quilted variety and ones that shimmer like golden glitter! No goodnight story is complete sans the proper pillow prop - this one above celebrating a monogram just postures with perfect pomp. And, lastly the illustrious sleep mask - this is a MRS absolute must have item for hitting the indulgent sack! Nothing, including expensive candle ambient light, should interfere with ones beauty sleep - for, she must be satin sleep mask clad and at least 2 Ambien deep!

Take a few moments today to review your nighttime repertoire - edit what's trés lame and illuminate your sleepy time boudoir! Not only with your dreams be better - but you're sleepy time look will be totally red letter!!



Bedroom Jacket / Sleep Gown / Wedge Pillow / Sleep Mask / House Slippers

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