Digital Spring Cleaning


Have you ever caught a glimpse of something totally terrifying? How about looking at your inbox to see 15,159 unread emails... let me tell ya, it's horrifying!! Welcome to the digital realm of my MRS reality - like many, I'm on countless lists, I've reached maximum capacity. So, I decided late last night to do a bit of self sanity saving - what followed was two and a half ours of "SafeUnsubscribe"-ing, and man it felt amazing! Sure I like to keep in touch and know about all the latest + greatest - but I think doing it on my oun time without comprising my inbox is the best arrangement. I can tell you how freeing it feels not to get 20+ emails per hour - instead of spending so much time deleting I'll have more time to light up my browser! So, if by chance you saw little ol' me unsubscribe from your e-mailings - please know that I still have love for ya, but I'll be doing my own scheduled gazings. 

I highly encourage you to take the time to downsize + unsubscribe - keep the ones you love and to whome your email address you chose to provide!

Happy cleaning!



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